Saturday, 14 May 2016

RENDERS A friendly round of practise

Jacelyn's promotion to the top tier is the result of a lot of practise with Jessica.

Lots of practise.

Jessica has already told her new partner that she prefers the way she looks in a two piece outfit.

Jacelyn tells Jessica the same thing, and even supplies a white bikini to wear.

Staying back they are still rolling in the ring.

It's late so they just kill the rest of the lights, they only need the ring lit.

After a few minutes Jessica notices that the white bikini becomes sheer as it gets wet from the sweat of rolling around.

Jessica is mildly perturbed and tells Jacelyn as much when she gets her pinned to the mat..

The apology doesn't sound very sincere. When Jessica gives her forgiveness that doesn't sound very sincere either.

A little later we get an example of just how far Jacelyn's game has come.

She's nailed the rear naked choke from the back, arm deep under the chin and both hooks in.

"We met like this. Pretty sure you even choked me out..."

"So why aren't you returning the favour?"

"Well now that I know you I do kinda like you."

It seems Jessica doesn't object to being held like this. Her attempts to escape are a bit half heated. It seems Jacelyn enjoys holding Jessica like this. She's not squeezing to finish the choke.

So it seems no-one is very unhappy with the current circumstance.

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  1. Awesome! Love to see your ladies get to the next rank.