Friday, 3 April 2015

RENDER - miscellany stuff

Is that even how miscellany is spelled?

Violet is in the ring again. This time with Jodie.

Not a fair match up this time either. Jodie is out of her usual one piece kit and into the bikini top. No more reason than because of that.

Violet scores the figure four headscissor. She's got background in power lifting remember.

Jodie should have tapped faster.

Marielle and Jacelyn are rolling in a pro style match up. Jacelyn gets a little cocky and pulls a small shoot. That's when pro wrestlers go off script and do something "real" in a worked match.

Not the best person to try this with. Marielle returns the favor. She doesn't let go either.

The silent strangler is famous for not making sound during her matches. She'll tap if trapped, but she doesn't yell.

Waking up from the sleeper in a figure four she's true to her word and tapping quickly.

Marielle doesn't let go.

"If you want me to let go you need to say so."

So Jacelyn says so.

To which Marielle replies...

"Louder please."

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