Friday, 11 December 2015

RENDER - Eloise and Rajani

A few moments free and pretty much re-using existing poses and then playing with some camera angles (so this was fairly quick to render up).

In terms of relative ranking, Eloise and Rajani are in roughly the same league.

*Very* roughly.

In more practical terms, Eloise is a lot closer to the league up, Rajani more recently graduated from the league down.

Still it's an interesting contest.

Rajani's technique is particularly strong on defense and escape.

Eloise has learned that the hard way.

Joints shouldn't bend or twist that far without someone tapping out.

Rajani is the exception, and no matter how far past the wrong angle that arm bends she keeps pulling out and coming back for more.

When you get a triangle choke locked in someone should go to sleep.

Apparently not Rajani. And each time the triangle is locked deep there's a shoulder joint that moves like water and she keeps pulling out and coming back for more.

Which means it takes a while before Eloise figures out how she's going to end this.

The trick is to not telegraph. Rather than take Rajani's back and then go hunting for the rear naked choke, just go for the choke.

And flexible Rajani may be, dislocating her entire head seems a bit much.

So after the choke, then the hooks.

Rajani knows how to breathe, how to stay calm, and how to regulate her own body.

The choke out isn't coming easy. Eloise is doing a lot of work with her arms while Rajani keeps pulling the hooks out.

So rather than using her legs to anchor to her opponent's back, Eloise is using the choke to hold position.

A new one, she seems to be figuring it out.

And when Rajani finally gives up both hooks, Eloise pulls back hard - arching her back and Rajani's.

The effect is like having your torso stretched down. When someone is holding onto the top end with a choke hold things finish up pretty quickly.

And now someone is definitely sleeping...


  1. Excellent storyline and images per usual. These ladies contrast very well.

  2. On further review, these images are outstanding. That is all.