Wednesday, 2 December 2015

RENDER - Jewell and Kimiko unified MMA rules

That means punching and kicking is allowed also.

This is going to hurt!


Depending on how rough they go, it’s almost 50/50 between Jewell and Kimiko.

In a straight up grappling match Jewell has the slight advantage.  Kimiko occasionally scores if she grabs a leg but Jewell’s elite Judo means that arm bars and chokes are a big ask to pull off, and a pretty big ask again to escape.

But Kimiko is more rounded. A lot more rounded, especially if you count kick boxing and striking.

Even Jewell wants to know. So what happens if they put on the hand wraps and light gloves?

First is a clinch. Kimiko stats with some in close shots to the body.

Jewell pulls out a trick her younger sister taught her. Rather than keep taking punches to the kidneys let’s try a hip toss instead. Then trap one arm and the neck to try for the compression choke.

Kimiko is familiar with this technique also, which is wht she knows to jam her forearm into Jewell’s throat.

Really hard...

Kimiko break s and scramble back to her feet. It’s a straight stand up for them both, and Kimiko figures out why Jewell made the challenge. She’s been working on her striking; and it’s come a long way.

Kimiko mixes things up with a change in stance to southpaw. Right away she sees it. Jewell is suddenly off balance and her footwork is wrong.

The right jab is almost too easy.

Jewell falls back, Kimiko chases pressing the advantage.

Jewell hasn’t just been working her hands in the gym. The low kick is fast and solid.

Kimiko’s knee will feel that one tomorrow.

And now this?

The kick is fast. Really fast. And it has power also. Now Kimiko is falling back.

Now it’s Jewell shooting forward.

Kimiko pulls open guard, but from here she needs to sweep herself into mount or get free.

It’s Jewell on top. She’s not going to get the submission from here.

Especially not with Jewell’s fists coming down on her face and head.

Back on their feet, both have traded shots and advantage.

Kimiko is looking for those kicks and throws. She also knows that she can keep Jewell off balance with a southpaw stance.

Jewell knows to look for the lead right jab. She needs to find her range and her shot. Kick from a distance or close and throw.

Kimiko knows how to kick also. In fact she’s got years of experience on Jewell.

Fake the right – Jewell steps back and winds up flat on her feet.

Which is why she isn’t able to move again when the lead right leg comes up next.

The power kick is supposed to come from the back leg. It takes a lot of skill, experience and technique to throw a knockout from your lead leg.

Kimiko is very, very nearly that good.

Jewell knocked clean on her back by the blow.

Kimiko goes for the finish.

She’s in a hurry. She wants this before Jewell gets her composure back.

Turns out Jewell has been doing the right things in training.

That includes spending as much, maybe even more, time on situations where you are at the disadvantage so that you know how to respond.

Jewell blocks the punches, grabs the arms, and starts stuffing Kimiko’s  striking game.

Jewell has pulled Kimiko back down. Absent the posture up the ground and pound loses most of it’s effectiveness.

Slowly Jewell is getting her senses and composure back.

This is more like it. Turning position Jewell now has top position. Even from inside guard she can re-orient and figure out what to do next.

Kimiko is pissed about the lost opportunity.


Jewell has moved to half guard. Kimiko has a scissor on one leg only and, although the leverage is wrong, from here Jewell can sink the triangle arm choke.

So she does.

A lesser grappler would be done here, especially when it’s Jewell applying the choke.

Kimiko is very much in the elite on the ground herself, so what happens next is reflex...

As her head starts to fuzz, it’s concentrate on breathing. Relax. Go to that happy place in your mind and stay calm while you avoid blacking out.

Now get yourself out of this situation...

Back to their feet again, but Kimiko is still wobbly while she gets the blood flow back in her brain.

She quickly moves to southpaw again, but the jab is too sloppy.

This time Jewell has her footwork right, and she slips the jab past her head while turning and leaning in.

The she straightens up – turning back.

With her right hand in a perfect cross to the chin.

Wobbly as she is – Kimiko sees it coming. She just manages to turn her own head.

Just enough to avoid getting nailed exactly right on the button.

Still a lot of light and black flashes in the head all of a sudden...

It really doesn’t get much worse than this.

Face down with your opponent on your back and both hooks in.

Your own legs are lifted, so your hips might as well be belted to the mat.

And the woman on top of you is taking shots at your head.

Jewell has been working on her striking. Standing she can knock you on your ass. On her back she can defend with the best of them.

How is her striking on the ground?

Actually... Not so awesome. It’s hard to defend when you’re face down but Jewell’s shots don’t have a lot of power.

Kimiko weathers the storm and manages to turn over.

This is improved.

It’s not great.

She keeps her arms in tight. Always with one elbow into Jewell’s chest to prevent her coming down full weight with a strike.

Now all she needs to do is dislodge an elite Judoka with a full mount off her chest.

So what’s next?

Kimiko can weather the storm, but from here she can’t mount any offense. Jewell’s shots aren’t going to end it, but Kimiko is getting more and more exhausted trying to defend and she is completely unable to buck Jewell off or change position.

Desperate she attempts a gamble.

That’s a long way to put your arm out defending a punch when the person on top is that good at judo...

Before reaching up with that arm Kimiko positioned her knees.

When Jewell goes for the arm bar Kimiko catches one leg between her own.

This isn’t merely uncomfortable. Jewell can still wreck Kimiko’s elbow if she gets deep enough on Kimiko’s shoulder.

Kimiko has to work fast and get the top leg over her head so she can properly escape.

Back on their feet, both women have their composure.

But Jewell is a lot fresher and Kimiko nearly spent after spending that much time with Jewell sitting on her chest and punching at her face.

This time the stance is orthodox. Short left jab to the face, another and another – rat a tat tat.

Then the clinch.

Jewell goes for another hip toss.

Kimiko turns her right hip back as if to block the throw and grabs the back of Jewell’s head.

Then she turns back with her hand rising.

Jewell is looking to block the right cross, and turns to the left herself to slip the punch.

She completely misses the muay thai knee that was the real attack.

And because of the way she’s turned she not only gets nailed flush – the impact hits her liver.

There is a crackle of pain like electric fire radiating from the right side of her body – all the way to her hands and feet.

Suddenly nothing is working.

This is neither neat nor elegant.

Kimiko is too tired to attempt much.

If she can’t end this here she’s so gassed she’ll be hard pressed to defend anything.

Jewell’s problem is that her arms and legs won’t do what she’s telling them too.

Jewell turns.

Sort of.

Kind of.

She wants to get her knees under her. She’s only made it part way there.

A bulldog choke isn’t terribly flash.

Locked in tight it is terrible effective.

Jewell still can’t get her knees forward under her. It’s almost like she’s hanging by her neck.

Kimiko’s arm is the noose.

With her left hand she tries to push up off the mat – but she can’t reach.

Instead she tries to push up off Kimiko’s knee.

It’s slippery with sweat – and her hand keeps sliding off.

Jewell knows the routine too.

Breathe deeply. Go to that happy place. Concentrate on escaping the hold.

Or maybe, after you go to that happy sleepy place, you just stay there.

A few moments later Jewell wakes up with what feels like a bruise the length of her right rib cage...

“How long was I out?”

“Long enough...”

“You were good. Want to go again?”

“I was lucky, and I need to rest for a week.”

“Well then I’ll see you in a week.”


  1. Great match! seems Jewell almost had it but in the end it was endurance that won.

  2. Excellent match. I loved the great back and forth action and the bit at the end was priceless.

    1. :) Glad you enjoyed.

      I don't know if I've done a pro style match with these two yet. Maybe that's my next project. Lace up some boots and pro style outfits.

      Now I just need to figure if either of them gets a gimmick or not?..