Monday, 30 November 2015

RENDER - My next project

I have a couple of complete series completed again. I'm getting help with the write up for one and, seeing how those all go, will share/upload accordingly.

After some thought I figured something out.

What that was is the fact that I still have a soft spot for my original two "guns".

Jewell was the first elite member of my virtual roster. Kimiko came shortly after simply because there had to be someone that was a challenge for Jewell.

Jewell is an elite Judoka. Kimiko is much more rounded.

If the match becomes about throws and ground work Jewell has the advantage.

If the match becomes about wrestling, ankle and leg locks (banned in Judo), or striking, it's Kimiko.

The question is all about who imposes their will on her opponent.

They've tangled before. It's probably about 50/50 between them.

Time to tangle again.

MMA rules. Both have a preference for submission grappling, even if that favours Jewell. Both are going to put on their finger-less padded gloves, even if that favours Kimiko.

The compression choke doesn't quite succeed. It's close but using her forearm jammed into Jewell's throat Kimiko manages to escape. Only just.

Back on their feet it's hands up. Kimiko switches to a southpaw stance. Jewell is slow to adjust because she's less familiar. The right jab is a timely lesson.

Now I just gotta figure out how the rest of this is going to go...

All I know is that there will be shots traded - standing and on the ground.

Oh yeah. Jewell changed her hairstyle. No big deal.

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