Monday, 28 December 2015

RENDER - Test driving some new outfits and a change of style

It's not that I have any sort of thing for blonde hair. I think I just have a slight preference for blondes and redheads.
Then I have a thing for almost all women in general.

So I was curious whether or not Jacelyn could make a blonde look work.

I personally feel that the answer is yes.

I'm sure we'll revert to her normal raven locks at some point.

Couple new outfits I wanted to try out for fit also.

I do like one piece suits with cutouts and plunging necklines.

Nifty little diversion. I'm actually quite happy with the results.

We will resume regular programming shortly.   :


  1. Jacelyn look stunning! Sexy blonde in black. Always a great combination.

    1. Feedback seems to suggest this is a popular look for the silent strangler. Obviously we'll need to see it on the mats at some point. :)