Friday, 8 July 2016

RENDER - Introducing Gabi

Sometimes something enters the head and you just need to get it out.

I mentioned in an earlier post(s) that I prefer legit / non topless women's wrestling.

I have heard of the company Ultimate Surrender.

In part this is because I found out that's where Ariel X had gotten started.

Now I get that many of the grapplers on the mat have legit technique and all of that.

No matter - most of what the Ultimate Surrender crews does is not my thing.

No judgement here by the way. I'm just saying it's not for me.

But then a thought falls into place and gets stuck...


Gabi started working tables in school.

Grades were good and college was next.

Then she found out that she could make better tips at places like Hooters.

Then she found out that the tips were even better places where you're willing to take your top off.

And then there's up on the stage.

Degree is finished, and by now Gabi is doing just fine dancing and taking her clothes off. The audience and the attention that cause others nerves don't trouble her at all.

And of course she enjoys the attention, which leads to meeting a few guys.

So at this point she knows how much she enjoys sex, which is a lot.

Now there's another income source and between the clubs and private dates she's enjoying life and earning heaps.

No delusions though. All things pass so she knows to save for a rainy day.

Meeting others and working the business she discovers that by getting into adult video work she can headline clubs and charge a premium for private engagements.

And it's not like a camera is that different to an audience.

Gabi has no delusions. She does have sense. She looks after herself (no drugs) and learns to avoid/deal with the trickier producers and private clients.

Specifically an early piece of advice was to take up grappling classes. In this business there are a lot of ways to end up on your back and need to know how to handle yourself.

Along the way she starts doing video wrestling work now also.

This stuff is definitely adult themed. The bonuses are for things like taking your opponents tops off.

Gabi has heard she can develop her technique here. She meets Dani and they agree to roll.

Gabi has game. Back and forth she's trading falls. Looks like another tier-3 grappler here.

And now Gabi has Dani in a camel clutch.

"Hey! What are you doing?"

"Sorry. gotta practice for my video company. Just a little groping. It's not like I'm taking your top off."

Dani manages to roll out. Now Gabi still has her back and her neck. And one hand is still fondling her breasts.

Depending on your perspective Dani grabs at the wrong hand. There's an arm around your neck.

Too late, there are two of them.

Gabi doesn't crank down on the choke. She just holds it, tightening slowly to run the hold longer.

In fact Dani ultimately escapes, then reverses.

Now Dani is on top.

And now Gabi is grabbing hair and trying to pull Dani back so she can breathe.

Nah. Tap out it is.

Dani can see the lighter side of the situation.

"Does that kind of submission count for more this company you work for?"

Gabi laughs. "You need another job? I know someplace you could make serious coin!"

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