Friday, 8 July 2016

Agonophilia - it's a thing. I have it.


Agonophilia is the paraphilia involving sexual arousal derived from the act of fighting, or participating in or observing a combat sport, such as wrestling, boxing or kickboxing, martial arts, etc., or from viewing depictions thereof; from the Greek agonos (combat, struggle, conflict) and philia (love of).

My specific interest is mainly in "observing" two women wrestling.

I don't mind women's boxing or kickboxing. Neither has any sort of arousal impact on me.

On the other hand, the moment two women start rolling and struggling on the mat...

I don't know where this came from. It has been "there" since as long as I can remember. As in I have memories from when I was 4-5 years old and having a fascination with this topic.

Perhaps it was not such a thing initially? Perhaps. With age comes puberty and hormones and all of a sudden I was looking at the topic in a quite different light that per-pubescent me had no inkling about.

That was all a couple of years back. Since then repeated interest and exposure has only reinforced everything.

There are times when this was a pretty significant concern for me.

Somehow I knew I was weird and with that came more than a little embarrassment and worry.

Would I ever be able to have a normal relationship with a woman?

OK it hasn't been that long, long enough.

I have this thing.

I even have a name for it. One that people smarter than me came up with even.

This thing does not rule my life. It is a part of my life.

And when I'm with a beautiful woman (and pretty much all of them are) everything works (in the bedroom or not). Not saying there isn't (always) room to learn and improve. I've learned and grown and striven to be a better partner long enough and seen enough relationships between others to know that I'm not completely hopeless.

I hope...

I think that's what matters.

So having a philia (or an interest) is ok so long as it does not impede your ability to interact with the world day on day.

On the other hand, if you have some sort of philia that interest does rules your life then I would worry that the world may be difficult for you at times. If the philia you have impedes you ability to have a relationship with other people then I wish you the best finding a soul mate that is compatible with the philia (of course I am talking about what goes on with consenting adults. If it involves children or unwilling participants please do everyone a favor and go see a therapist).

So for what that's all worth, that's what it is.

In my case it's two women wrestling.

Especially when there are sleepers and chokes. Long drawn out ones for preference...

So a plug here for some of my favorite images from the web.

I've purchased memberships from both of these sites in past.

Twice already from FemaleWrestlingZone. I am sure there will be a third at some point.

Do yourself a favor and go check them out. It's not just the sleepers that are awesome.

So is everything else.

Warning - all of these are probably at least a little bit NSFW. A couple are topless - I'll indicate which ones are which...

Non topless

Minxy and Cameron from TC-Wrestling
Ariel X (one of my all time faves) and Nina from FemaleWrestlngZone
Izamar vs Bella @ FemaleWrestlingZone
Syd vs Bella @ FemaleWrestlingZone
Rebeca vs Asha @ FemaleWrestlingZone (this one is awesome!)
Karmen vs Laken (super sexy!) @ FemaleWrestlingZone
Cheyenne Jewel (so many awesome vids) vs Natalya @ FemaleWrestlingZone
Inferno (crazy beautiful) vs Suzie @ FemaleWrestlingZone
Sable (If I had to pick a fave... possibly she's it) vs Minxy Li @ FemaleWrestlingZone

And the topless ones...

Cheyenne Jewel (see earlier remark) vs Skylar Rene @ FemaleWrestlingZone
Poison vs Sahara @ TC-Wrestling (My fave sleeper pic of all time possibly, even though I generally prefer non-topless)

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  1. Neat, I didn't know there was a word for this as I probably have it too.