Monday, 18 July 2016

RENDER - Alicia Wells / Guest Roster

Born and raised in London, Alicia was trouble from a young age. If the local kids were fighting, there was an excellent chance she’d be at the centre of it and giving as good as she got – if not better. If she wasn’t fighting on the streets, she was probably scrapping with her older siblings. More often than not, she won those too even if Alicia didn’t seem to care about whether she won or lost. She just loved to fight and she was good at it. Her parents really didn’t know what to do with her.

First, they signed her up for dance classes. That didn’t help, nor did the gymnastics and running that followed. Eventually, having had enough, her mother and father bit the bullet and signed their daughter up for a local kickboxing class. They were hoping that, if they couldn’t stop her fighting, they could at least make sure she was doing it in a supervised environment. Alicia took to kickboxing like a fish takes to swimming. Soon enough, she was doing MMA as well and loving that just as much. Smart, ruthless and aggressive on the mats, she should have been competing at a much higher level but that was a step too far for her parents.

Instead, she ran and did gymnastics until her growth spurt nipped that one in the bud, although she retains her flexibility. As for her fighting, well, there were the matches at the classes. And the ones after hours at school. And the ones in a friend’s basement… Let’s just say Alicia deserved her reputation as a troublemaker. And her school had no shortage of idiots who thought calling her ‘thunder thighs’ or just fat was a good plan. She may not have had the in figure – she’s always been on the curvy side – but she’s never been fat in her life.

Then Alicia was introduced to the bodyscissors by her then-girlfriend and, well, the time she accidentally cracked a football player’s ribs probably had something to do with the nicknames stopping.


The nicknames stopped in a hurry after that one.

After school, it was off to university to study history. Not that her studies stopped her more athletic activities. Less gymnastics of course, but still running and some weight work too. And, of course, kickboxing and MMA, now with a little wrestling into the bargain. That was fun, even if she didn’t take to throws and pins as much as her striking and submission game, but it was still useful.
Her best weapons are still those legs – lots of knockouts scored with kicks and people tap fast if she gets those thighs around them (if they don’t go out first). She isn’t called the Scissor Queen for nothing. But Alicia can back it up with a solid grasp of basic chokes and joint locks, ten years’ experience and a great striking game. On the other hand, while she’s got plenty of time on the mats, most of it isn’t against world-class opponents. But she learns fast, loves to fight and has a smirk a serial killer would be proud of. At university, she could also finally join a team and start racking up a proper score.

Nowadays, with her degree under her belt, Alicia loves to fight as much as ever. She’s happy to challenge anyone although she has a growing reputation – this redhead wants a challenge. Anyone who goes up against her and doesn’t measure up is guaranteed to end the match out cold. Aside from fighting and training, she’s in the middle of a Masters focusing on the decline and fall of the Roman Republic and can as easily talk people’s ears off about that as her last match.
Alicia is actually a pretty nice, cool lady – even if she’s a demon in the ring.

Check out Alicia at her creators page here

Alicia Wells by Veherzak 

Here's the image commissioned by the awesome Yomitrooper (also on DA YomiTrooper)

And here's my 3D version. I think we need to get her on the mats in the AfwFan gym at some point also.  :)

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