Thursday, 28 July 2016

RENDER - Next preview

I didn't have a plan when I started doing this stuff.

Well a little bit of one, but not much of one.

As I got ideas and created characters and scenes I had it in my head that I'd spend time as evenly as possible with different characters. I always knew I'd probably focus a bit here and there with particular characters, I just hoped I'd spend a bit with each of them

There are several who haven't had much mat time in months now of course.

What I also had in mind, for some reason, was that I'd have my own favorites and those would probably be the upper tier of my roster. That notion was done in a long time ago when Candi was both one of my more popular OCs and very much a beginner on the roster. Perhaps it was the fact that she was an early fave for a few others?

I remember the first time I used a complete character set with tattoos.

"Corveena" is a complete character preset at the DAZ3D store for Genesis. I didn't even give her a different name.

One day surfing the web I came across a red headed roller derby performer, and inspiration struck again. Using a few bits and pieces I'd assembled over a couple of years I came up with my own red head in roller skates. I have no idea why, at the time it just seemed logical she'd have a braid.

The character needed a little something extra...

A quick google image search there was decently sized rose to become a tattoo on the hip and a flower vine that became a sleeve on the left arm.

And that's how we all got Lucy.

And because I'd brought them both in at the same level (for no reason at all) and because it just seemed a logical thing to do, they became rivals over the past little bit.

And then because Lucy in particular struck a chord with others, and because those chords came from a couple different locations, and because one of those chords came from someone I've followed and respected and been jealous of for some time (the guys at Rival Angels have a thing called talent; I consider myself more of a backyard mechanic)...

Well Lucy has been making a lot of appearances lately also.

And I'm the last person to be unhappy about this.

The last time Lucy and Corveena met was particularly poor in terms of the outcome for Lucy.

Corveena was in a bad mood that day. When she was done Lucy was in a very bad way (that day).

Everything has a cost of some sort. Some of those costs gather interest.

Lucy and Corveena are both checking out different suits in the gym at the same time.

A few others see what's about to happen and intervene before anything really bad happens.

"Go get your boots on and settle this in the ring!"

So they have their boots on.

Seems the second step has been missed.

We've mentioned before that Lucy's balance and control from top is incredible - especially when she can plant her feet (like she has here).

Corveena was a national level amateur wrestler. Not often her shoulders get planted a solidly as this.

Would this be legal at an amateur wrestling meet?

I think the hair pull is a definite no-no...

Before things go too far they're broken up, separated, and kept apart.

"Get it into the ring guys!"

So they do...

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  1. So this has really become a full-blown rivalry! What is this, the fourth time they've tussled? Not that I'm complaining, not in the least. Lucy and Corveena are my two favorite of your characters. Very interested in seeing this next chapter in their rivalry :)