Wednesday, 6 July 2016

RENDER - Madison and Lucy

Lucy is trying on a black bikini set.

Madison is a fitness and bikini model and when she sees Lucy checking fit in the mirror she walks up and offers some advice.

Friendly enough. Shoulders back, chin up, eye contact with the camera, chest up and out.

Madison needs a workout and asks Lucy if she's up to roll.

Lucy's replies "I did weights this morning and wanted to take it a bit easier today, another time maybe?"

Madison has been improving lately and that's helped her confidence. Alas confidence isn't always a good thing.

"Come on - afraid I'll kick your skinny ass?"

As soon as she's said it she notices that Lucy's bottom is actually a bit curvy, and her legs are pretty defined also...

Lucy has seen Madison on the mats before. Madison doesn't remember because she was getting choked out at the time by someone else. Lucy knows this isn't fair, but she is a bit annoyed now.

"Well I was doing squats this morning... I guess I can spare the time."

What happens next is so quick neither of them have even worked up a sweat.

Madison is face down with her head and arms immobilised.

Lucy scoots up Madison's back, gets her legs around the fitness model's head, and rolls over.

Lucy's legs are really quite sore and tired.

Not that sore or that tired though.

Not even broken a sweat...

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