Saturday, 21 January 2017

RENDERS - Probably going to be awhile before the next few...

Every so often I hit a bit of a flat spot. Lack of motivation and that.

So to that end I've completed a couple because they were either something I felt like or easy to do along the way.

Limited narrative this time, we'll lift that again in future also.

In the meantime, absent another motivation lift I'll be asking everyone for more patience than normal even.

Priya likes her choke holds, which is why in the first instance she's going for a pro style leg lock.

Later she's got a good defensive position from guard. Normally that's pretty safe. That assumes of course you know how to see the Ezekiel choke coming and defend same. Oops?

There's a really good breakdown of this technique here on YouTube.

Corveena gets hers back later. And then Jacelyn even gets a similar version (in reverse) on Kimiko of all people, from a standing position no less.

Nap times all around?


  1. Beautifully done! Sleepy ladies! I love the expressions best of all, you can tell what each one is feeling. :)

  2. Enjoying your stuff. Also a Lucy fan. Wonder if my OC Dyna-Mo Chen would spark any inspiration? :)