Saturday, 27 August 2016

RENDER - From the mount for the win, and then again

Another rush piece using pre-saved poses with minimal changes...

Dani is trying on a new suit. Very similar to one Lucy wore in her recent outing with Corveena.

The outing with Corveena went really badly for Lucy.

Is that why she's in a bit of a poor mood when she sees Dani?

Maybe even why she's less than "polite" when Dani says hi innocently?

Well if pro wrestling has taught us anything it's that there's only one way to settle things in the presence of dispute.

Or maybe it was Jerry Springer?...

Here's the thing. Dani is super flexible and her ability to squeeze with her legs is right up there.

So when Dani gets guard she immediately starts working her legs up onto Lucy's shoulder.

And she gets it.

Then she locks down the triangle.

Lucy can't quite believe what just happened. Or more precisely how quickly it happened...

Twisting and rolling all the Crusher manages is to end up on the bottom.

And now she's off in dream land. So fast it didn't even cause a sweat.

Waking up she's still groggy and still wants to go.

Oops. Maybe should have quit while not too far behind?

This isn't a very sophisticated technique.

At least this one too long enough to indeed actually break a sweat.


  1. Poor Lucy! She's really had a rough go of it lately. Great pics, though, as always. Cheers!

  2. WOW, Lucy got rolled with the quickness! I still <3 her and hope she can rebound after these super tough losses. :D