Wednesday, 31 August 2016

RENDER - Should have paid attention. Good thing someone did second time.

Lucy was in a poor mood, angry, and careless.

Things only go downhill from there.

A little later she runs into Dani in the gym again.

The suits they're wearing have the same cut. Different patterns.

The question is asked. More politely this time.

Lucy is paying a lot better attention.

There was that time Lucy locked down a triangle on Dani, only for Dani to slip out using a party trick.

The party trick is that Dani can pop her shoulders out.

Lucy gets a different triangle this time, from the back.

Dani pops the shoulder and starts trying to wriggle out.

Dani slides her shoulder and neck out pretty easily.
Well that was the plan anyway.

Lucy was ready for it. She just squeezes harder.

A different wrestler, Dani is out and on the attack again.

Lucy's legs squeeze harder than most.

Harder than anyones.

Dani goes  nowhere.

The she goes to sleep.


  1. YAY, Lucy! Dani is pretty awesome too especially with that second image. Lucy has the best alt outfits and hairstyles. :D

  2. Yay! Good to see Lucy rebound. Hopefully, this bodes well for her day of reckoning against Corveena. Excellent work, as always! ^_^