Friday, 24 March 2017

RENDERS - Tasha Steelz

Tasha Steelz is a personal trainer and pro wrestler.

That's a little too simple. After some brief correspondence I'd add a few superlatives.

Awesome would get used a lot. Then I'd need a thesaurus and other words that mean the same thing as awesome would mean a lot also.

You can find some of her matches on youtube et al - do yourself a favour and go googling.

If you want a closer look check out her pages...

This awesome (and gorgeous) woman has kindly allowed me to apply my meagre talents at creating a virtual version.

The middle shot is an homage to a photo Trish Stratus once did. Check out Tasha's pages and find her version - I reckon it's even more awesome.

Her signature is the springboard bulldog. That would leave a mark!

Genuine article is way better - go check her out.

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  1. Poor Lucy. Better luck next time.

    Great job on Tasha!