Friday, 7 April 2017

RENDER - Cass and Corveena

The awesome and glorious Cassidy Bryce has kindly allowed me to reapply my meagre talents her direction again.

Different set and light rig, different outfits.

Unsure how practical those boots/shoes would be for grappling, they do seem to suit nice long legs.

The real item is way better. Go check her out here.

Corveena isn't a real person. So it's just about checking her out here.

Question though, it appears Corveena is letting her hair grow out a fair bit now.

Back to the pixie cut or is it better long (or longer)?

We have more in the pipeline, patience though please.  :)



  1. Excellent work as always. Corveena and Cass almost seem to have as good a chemistry as Corveena and Lucy. As for the hair, I think Corveena looks amazing, no matter what, though I'll admit I'm a bit biased on that :)

    Can't wait for what's to come :)