Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Lighting and bad language....

The guys out there who take photographs will understand what I mean when I say that, regardless of what you see through the shutter, if you don't have your exposure settings right, the final result is crud.

I use a program called DAZ for my 3D renders.

Default the render engine is something called 3delight.

Because this is the default you can set your scene and with a click of a switch get a render.

It's easy and it's ok. It is also good for producing images that are very flat and, well, kinda "ick".

I remember the day I first discovered lighting setups. This was the first challenge. What I saw looking at the preview pane was suddenly not the same as what I saw after the render. Worse my render times went from seconds to minutes.

This didn't take too long though, and soon enough I was getting *way* better results using light rights I'd purchased and that has been a long and awesome trip.
And the extra time was well worth it!

Recently I got a water prop. As in for pool surfaces and stuff like that.

Using 3delight it was... Well "ok" would be kind.

A bit of research and what I need to be using is a different rendering engine called Iray.

That was six weeks ago.

I was getting pretty damn close to buying a plane ticket so I could visit the R&D crew for DAZ and start breaking furniture.

Patience and persistence, I kept at it.

I finally got to a point where I had some comfort I knew what was going what, where, how and when.

Right - time to take the plunge. Bit of research and I've gone and purchased a pair of preset light rigs that are designed specifically to work with Iray...

I think I finally understand why those mad scientists make that weird cackling noise when the thing on the table finally gets up and goes for a walk...

Patience please everyone....

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