Thursday, 20 April 2017

RENDER - Lucy extended bio

Lucy entered this world with the brightest red hair.

Make of that what you will.

She was walking early and running not long after that.

Her childhood was profoundly unremarkable. Yes other kids teased her about her hair. No it never bothered her because she wouldn’t let it and she was not shy about confronting her tormentors and bullies.

And very early on she decided she loved the single braid look.

Until one day a boy in her class took it a new level. When she wasn’t looking he grabbed her braid and yanked it – HARD.

She did not cry. She yelled. She did not cry.

And with an purpose she’d not known before she turned to look at the stupid smiling face of the dumb ass kid who thought this was funny.

And with that purpose she brought her left hand up in a fist and smashed that stupid smiling look right off his face.

The teacher didn’t see the hair-pull. And by the time they’ve turned around someone else is already making a lot of noise.

The teachers seemed angriest over the fact that Lucy felt no shame or embarrassment over what she’d don’t. She wasn’t feeling bad about it and she sure as hell wasn’t going to apologise for it.

She was suspended for a week and her parents had to take turns taking time off work.

After Lucy explained what had happened they weren’t inclined to ask her for an apology either.

Instead they looked online and found a few places locally...

Lucy never stuck with one thing, she preferred the variety. So after a little bit of boxing, a little bit of judo, and a little bit of wrestling she was pretty rounded.

In high school when another boy yanks her braid he’s more careless and the teacher sees it. This time Lucy doesn’t so much knock the stupid look of his face as the stupid look, what used to be his nose, and.. Yep, that’s a tooth on the floor.

Suspended again; at least she’s old enough that her parents don’t have to miss work.

Lucy is already on the high school wrestling team. Genius should have considered that in the first instance. Her cred is up several notches when she gets pack, but there’s a problem.

The team is co-ed, there aren’t enough young women for their own team.

Genius with the new nose job and expensive dental bill is one of the guys on the team, and he has mates.

Lucy has never backed down from a fight until now. She’s not going to start.

She gets smashed around pretty rough. She refuses to quit. There are a lot of bruises and a couple of concussions. The coach recognises the problem and asks to talk to Lucy and her parents.

When they meet she’s spitting fire, and she won’t quit.

Instead she gets better.

Before long she’s giving as good as she gets.

Not long after that there’s been a change in the dynamics of the team.

The guys thought they could hurt her and scare her off.

Now they are the ones scared of her.

And “The Crusher” is born – right there on the high school wrestling team.

So Lucy has solved her problem. There’s still a matter of balance though.

Graduation and Lucy is done with high school.

At the graduation party she meets the genius again. He’s scared of her and with cause.

She’s happy with that, she wishes for more. She gets it...

The genius speaks, “Can I have a private word with you someplace?”

They’re outside. It’s just started getting dark and they’re under a tree away from the crowd.

“You broke my nose and wrecked my teeth. I haven’t forgotten that. Do you want to apologise? If you don’t I will make you pay for it!”

Lucy keeps very, very calm...

“You want an apology from me?”

“Damn right!”

“And if I don’t?”

Apparently not, he grab’s Lucy’s hair with one hand and one of her breasts with the other, and he squeezes *hard*.

Genius has had a couple of beers, does he remember nothing? He’s a lot bigger than Lucy so he never rolled on the mats with her due to weight limits, it was all of his smaller friends who got brutalised instead. Maybe that’s why he thinks this is an ok idea?

 “If you don’t I will get mine back!”

Lucy isn’t even angry.

It’s like the heavens heard her prayers and answered them.

Lucy has done a little bit of Muay Thai. Not a lot. A little bit.


That knee; landing where it does; well someone is going to need a lot longer than a minute...

Then, force of habit, right jab first. It’s like just *so* perfect. Right on the nose and the crunch isn’t as loud as the squish.

And before genius has even realised how much pain he’s in, here comes the left.

Lucy hurts her hand. She can feel something break. She felt something else break now also.

Look – there’s more teeth on the ground!

This time police get involved. Dad of genius reckons he’ll sort this out and get an example made of Lucy.

While she’s being arrested Lucy says three things.

“Look under his fingernails. You’ll find my hair and skin and the matching scratches are behind my ear.”

“I need a doctor to examine me right away – I have a bruise on my breast to show you.”

“I’m done talking – I want a laywer.”

It goes to court. Karma is great and three other young women come forward to admit that genius assaulted them also and they wish they’d had Lucy’s “pluck”.

Acquittal and genius is the one who goes away.

Lucy decides to go to a trade school. She’s unsure what she wants to do so she picks up some carpentry, then some electrical...

It’s in a drafting class that she meets someone new – and she can’t stop looking.

Her classmate has a tattoo sleeve. Lucy thinks!!!

Get gets a job working as an aide in a tattoo parlour. She doesn’t get that much ink herself, mainly the sleeve she wanted so badly for herself the first time she saw it.

She likes not needing skirts and heels or safety boots. She likes that she can dress and make up however she goddamned pleases and that here, this is an asset – not a liability.

She becomes a pretty awesome tattooist in her own right.

It’s a poster on a telephone pole that makes her stop and ask “what the”?!?!

And that’s how she discovers roller derby.

Takes her awhile to get good on skates. She’s still not the best on skates. She has other skills to compensate.

The Crusher is back in business again.

Lucy wonders about the future a little bit. She’s an assistant manager at the tattoo place but that doesn’t pay great and it’s unsure what kind of future it will hold. She can sort a few things around the house on her own so that helps save, but she knows someday she needs to get into something more.

One day she rolls with Eloise.

The next week she’s serving at a pretty glitzy restaurant.

Turns out she likes the heels and dresses. It’s even fun to lose the braid now and again.

That was a while ago. She’s assistant manager at the restaurant now also.

Well at least money isn’t a worry, and she’s got skills, experience (and references) that mean it won’t ever be...

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  1. I have some breaking news...I think this redhead has...'it.'

    Love this extended bio on Lucy. thank you for creating her. :)