Tuesday, 2 May 2017

RENDER - Dani and Jess playing pass the guard (and go for the RNC)

So I was writing (whinging?) earlier about the challenges I was having with a new set of light rigs...

I think I've maybe possibly about gotten there?

Dani and Jess go back (see earlier posts here or my blog for more details).

They are good friends and Dani has gone from novice to threatening in a very short period.

Her big shortcoming is... Well to put it bluntly sometimes you need a little bit of a mean streak, and that's not Dani.

Today she's passing guard pass with Jessica. Jess is not holding anything back, but so far she's not being very threatened either.

Jess keeps sliding her hips to one side, despite Dani's best efforts.

The last time two things happen...

Jess is certain she hears Dani say "ah ha" this time when she slides to back.

Maybe someone has been paying attention and just figured out how someone else is doing something?

The second thing is that, and Jess really isn't holding back much here, Dani manages to escape and, somehow, twist back into guard.

Jess tries to slide her hips again. This time Dani doesn't just block, she somehow gets one arm under Jess's leg.

Just like that she passes guard. Jess's eyes furrow. From bottom mount she sweeps back to top position in Dani's guard. And then...

Holy crap, Dani just slid her hips out and Jess didn't block!

Jess is not holding anything back, it doesn't matter.

Well this is looking at things from a different angle...

"Jacelyn explained to me, if you don't want to injure someone, just choke them out. She's been helping me practice."

I think someone has graduated a level on the mats?

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