Saturday, 13 May 2017

RENDER - Lena and Dani (recent graduate)

Dani graduated ranks recently...

She probably would have come further and faster.

Problem is... Well...

Problem is that Dani is, at her heart, a pacifist.

If you want to get to that really elite level you have to be willing to keep going, especially when your opponent isn't willing to tap.

Think about it. If the person you're rolling with isn't willing to tap... If they refuse...

Would you be willing to break their arm? Or worse???

Dani recently overcame this partially. Choking someone out doesn't injure them. Dani can make herself ok with that.

Credit Jacelyn (The Silent Strangler, formerly the Singapore Strangler) for that tip and related training.

Jacelyn's girlfriend, Jessica, has another idea to help more.

So Jessica convinces Dani to call out Lena.

The match is pretty even. Couple of close falls...

Dani still lacks that "killer" instinct...

Jessica knew what she was doing, and sure enough.

When Lena gets top position she uses her strength and size, a lot.

She "monsters" her opponents.

A forearm across the throat is part of that.

Dani is not enjoying this, but she's struggling to do much about it.

Instead, right now, she's getting angry.

And angrier.

And angrier...

Someone has just decided to find and use their inner mongrel.

Step one is sweep and roll. Still in guard, but gravity isn't helping the arm on the neck any more.

 Step two, posture up. Lean is trying to sweep or roll, but she's getting blocked every time.

Lena is starting to wonder what's going on here?

 Dani isn't going to injure Lena here...

But this can cause an awful lot of *hurt*...

Lena doesn't tap, she is desperate to escape.

In the scramble and twist Lena gives up full mount.

Dani is ok with this. She's got something specific in mind.

 Unsure what rule book covers this, if any at all?

Dani still has something specific in mind here though.

 Lena is desperate to escape being smothered, so she turns, giving up her back.

Dani takes that.

And now Lena  realises the severity of the mistake she just made.

Lena has an octopus latched onto her back.

No matter how she twists and turns Dani's hooks are in solid, and her balance is spot on.

One moment her arm is being dislocated at the shoulder one way, then another.
 And now realisation.. Defending her arm...

The arm was never the target, and now Dani has Lena's neck.

Lena needs all of her power, and she just barely makes it onto her hands and knees.

 Too little too late, Dani pulls and, as Lena's knees and arms lose strength she's rolled over like a turtle with Dani making like a shell.

 There's a sensation, like a rushing train running through your head.

Time to tap out.

Which Lena does.

A choke out doesn't cause injury, which is why Dani is ok listening to her inner mongrel.

She doesn't let go.

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  1. I loved this match and story! I have to admit that I was rooting for Dani the whole time, and was definitely caught up in the drama of the whole thing. Congrats to Dani, and to you for writing such a great match. :)